The “Enoteca Colli Astiani” (wine-shop for the tasting and the retail-sale of wine) is located in Montegrosso d’Asti, well-known and charming small centre of the Valtiglione (the area around the Tiglione creek), one of the typical regions where the grape Barbera d’Asti is grown. The designation Colli Astiani is to be attributed to the sandy nature of a good part of the lands of this area which give a distinguishing trait to the Barbera produced here. As a matter of fact, in order to better point out this peculiarity, the specific designation (sottodenominazione) “Barbera d’Asti Colli Astiani” was approved by the competent state department.
Those who are keen on Piedmont’s wines will certainly recognize the increasing importance gained by the Barbera in the national and international context. This is a merit of the hard work of the wine dressers, able to produce high quality wines satisfying the most demanding palates, but also of the wine producing firms, like ours, which combines the production of wines to the selection and sale of wines from other firms.
The Bertolino family, owner of the enoteca, has produced wine over several generations. Customers coming to our shop will see the acknowledgments received through the years by various family members:
CERTIFICATE AND GOLD MEDAL, at the national and international exhibition held in Turin, 1928
CERTIFICATE AND SILVER MEDAL at the second international exhibition held in Africa, Tripoli, 1931
CERTIFICATE AND GOLD MEDAL at the wine context between municipalities held in Montegrosso d’Asti, 1970
CERTIFICATE AND GOLD MEDAL at the wine exhibition La Douja d’Or in Asti 1973
Giuseppina and Giuseppe Bertolino welcome customers in their enoteca guiding them in the selection of wines from their own production or from the most prestigious producers in the areas of Asti and Alba. The customer will also be able to choose among a large offer of high-quality typical food products and an interesting collection of “distillati” (kind of “brandies” produced by distilling wine) produced locally and presented in originally shaped bottles.
Their son, Fabrizio, now manages the wine production sector honouring the rigorous family tradition thus guaranteeing the best possible results